What You Get for Joining Booker

One-click booking. Anywhere customers are looking

What You Get for Joining Booker

Michael Jacobs

Co-Founder; CEO of The New Business
September 18, 2023

Booker is more than just a booking engine for your business - it's a rallying cry to a more community driven approach to marketing - both for your business and the destination.

In the olden days, DMOs would bring your brochures to trade shows, helping your business reach a bigger audience - in many cases visitors would bring their cheque books and pay the deposit for their vacation right then and there.

Then DMOs evolved into digital marketers, but the heavy lifting of booking was mostly left to the business owners. Big tech companies like AirBNB and Expedia moved it, and took a big chunk of the market - and some business owners just left e-commerce out of their playbook, with new customers either calling or emailing the business from the website.

And the Destinations shifted to ‘awareness’ marketing - making people want to visit a destination, but not completing the sale.

And that’s where Booker comes in. DMO’s have money to market your business, but because they’re not part of the sales funnel, they don’t. But Booker’s incredible new technology allows customers to book wherever they want - on your website, on the DMO’s, an influencers blog post - literally anywhere.

But what is that marketing worth - what does your business get out of joining the Booker revolution?

Your DMO instantly has the ability to run paid ad campaigns directly to booking with your business. Most of the DMOs we work with make this their first priority - to show businesses that they can increase their bottom line.

But DMOs also have access Google Grants. This allows them to run ads pointing to your business year round for free - they can spend up to $10,000 a month promoting all of their members, and the sooner you’re onboard, the larger the portion of their spend goes to you.

In addition to that, when you sign up for Booker, the Tourism Technology Company promotes your business through blog posts across multiple platforms - making sure your site benefits from SEO backlinks. 

And we at TTC  spend a minimum of $500 a year promoting your business directly through social media, email marketing and blogs. 

The tide is turning, and you and DMOs have an incredible opportunity to take the power back from big tech, all while getting more dollars spent promoting your business - early data shows a 20% increase in occupancy in businesses who sign up for Booker - and approximately 20 hours a month in staff time saved in managing bookings, during the high season. 

With your DMO covering your onboarding costs, how can you say no? Contact us today to get started.