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At Tourism Technology Co., we know firsthand the crucial role destination managers play in their communities. That's why we help them succeed through world-class software and support.
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Our journey began over a decade ago when we started working with DMOs

Working with rural and remote destinations, we dove deep into the tourism industry by managing marketing campaigns and collaborating with incredible destination managers.

That’s how we discovered that technology was failing in two critical areas: booking and trip planning.

We looked around for existing solutions but came up short. It seemed like no one understood the changing role of DMOs and how technology can help.

So we rolled up our sleeves and built software to fix this once and for all


We developed a game-changing booking platform designed specifically for DMOs.

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We also created a fresh approach to itinerary creation and trip planning.

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Now, DMOs across North America trust our technology

We're more than a software company

We're partners in your destination's success. Our team is made up of seasoned tourism professionals and technology experts who understand what it takes to make destination managers successful in their communities.

Matthew Thomas
CEO, Co-Founder
Daniel Imre
Chief Technology Officer
Olivier Creurer
Chief Product Officer, Co-Founder
Adam Rosadiuk
COO, Co-Founder
Caeli Callaghan
Customer Success Specialist
Mike Jacobs
Co-Founder, Chair of the Board
Melissa Picazo
Software Developer
Stacy Rosadiuk
Customer Support Specialist
Ian Russell
Software Implementation Specialist
Jessie Stones
Customer Insights Specialist
Jared Faust, CPA, CA, CBV
Chief Financial Officer
Dani Mayfield
Senior React Developer