Want a thriving DMO? Stop letting CRMs get between you and your stakeholders

Want a thriving DMO? Stop letting CRMs get between you and your stakeholders

Matthew Hardy Thomas

Co-Founder & CEO
December 6, 2023

Ever wonder why some DMOs thrive while others never make an impact? Surprisingly, it's not about who has the biggest budget.

For destination managers, success hinges on unifying their teams and connecting with members.

Many ambitious tourism marketing and management pros know this. They want to shape must-visit, sustainable destinations by supporting their members. Unfortunately, their efforts are derailed by unwieldy Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems that become more of a hindrance than a help.

Take Simpleview, for example. Their feature-rich system overwhelms users with options, yet fails to excel in any specific area. The initial draw of "Look at all the features!" quickly turns into endless training sessions. Projects stall, morale plummets.

Likewise, generic platforms like Hubspot struggle to meet tourism's unique demands. DMOs find themselves forced to invest in expensive customizations, taking funds away from important projects and leaving teams with a costly, over-engineered CRM.

The tourism industry is ripe for a modern, tailor-made solution that aligns with the evolving realities of modern DMOs.

Our response? We're thrilled to introduce Whereabouts — the friendly future of destination management.

Whereabouts is more than just a CRM. It's a new operating system for your destination.

Built from the ground up for a new generation of destination managers, Whereabouts gives your team meaningful ways to collaborate with the businesses, stakeholders, and assets that make your destination unique.

Here's what you get:

  • A centralized platform that allows your entire team to effortlessly access comprehensive member information. Notes, contact info, photos. Everything is a click away.
  • The ability to track and highlight everywhere your members are being promoted online. So when a stakeholder asks; "what have you done for me?" you can show them the value of your work.
  • Effortless integration of event listings and directories straight from your database to your website.
  • Customizable member lists for special projects. Make organizing your next FAM tour, seasonal campaign, and workshop a breeze.
  • Integration with our family of apps: Tripper for interactive itineraries and Booker for tracking booking referrals and providing e-commerce solutions to all your members.

Whereabouts represents a new phase in destination management tools — straightforward, tourism-focused, and free of needless complexity.

We will begin this new chapter with our existing partners in early 2024. This winter, we'll welcome three more pioneering DMOs who are keen to elevate their destinations.

Join us on this journey to a more connected, efficient, and dynamic destination management future.

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