From Stay To Play: Booker Supports Tourism Experiences, Welcoming Tasty Road Trips

From Stay To Play: Booker Supports Tourism Experiences, Welcoming Tasty Road Trips

Jessie Stones

Customer Insights Specialist
December 19, 2023

We're thrilled to announce a significant expansion in the capabilities of our Booker platform. 

Now, Booker isn't just for accommodations; it's also a dynamic tool for tourism experience providers. This strategic enhancement opens doors for a more diverse range of businesses. We’re thrilled to do that with the recent launch of Tasty Road Trips. They’re the first business launched through our partnership with the destination organization, Hamilton Halton Brant Regional Tourism Association (HHBRTA)

Tasty Road Trips can now get bookings straight from their DMO's website

Spotlight on Tasty Road Trips: A Taste Adventure Like No Other

In line with this exciting development, we're proud to feature one of the first experience providers to embrace Booker - Tasty Road Trips. Founded and led by the charismatic "Spicy Jan," Tasty Road Trips has become a beacon of culinary tourism in rural Ontario.

Spicy Jan's meticulously crafted itineraries offer delicious adventures in quaint towns, boasting bold and beautiful flavours. As an award-winning community influencer, Jan's expertise in culinary tourism and agri-food tourism brings valuable insights into community impact through tourism strategies. We asked Jan why Booker is the right solution for her business.

Q&A with Spicy Jan: A Taste of Success

What excites you about using Booker?

Working with a new booking team is always a thrill! It offers a fresh approach to sharing our taste adventures with more people eager to explore the region through their senses.

Your goals with Booker?

Our aim at Tasty Road Trips is to showcase the hidden gems of small towns in rural Ontario. We're excited to introduce food-focused adventurers to our all-inclusive day trips, sharing the great taste of local delights."

What drew you to Booker?

I love collaborating with professionals. Booker's win-win approach aligns perfectly with our mission to create impactful experiences in Ontario’s small towns."

A Partnership for the Future

The collaboration between Booker, HHBRTA, and Tasty Road Trips symbolizes a forward-thinking approach to tourism. It's not just about where you stay; it's about immersing in the local culture and cuisine. With Booker, experience providers like Tasty Road Trips can seamlessly connect with a broader audience, elevating the tourism experience to new heights.

Stay tuned as we continue to support and celebrate the diverse landscape of tourism experiences through innovative partnerships like this one with Tasty Road Trips.