Booking Boom: This New Glamping Business Net $20,000 in Two Weeks

Here's How Booker Helped Among The Trees Skyrocket to Summer Success

Booking Boom: This New Glamping Business Net $20,000 in Two Weeks

Jessie Stones

Customer Insights Specialist
October 10, 2023

In the heart of Ontario’s lush wilderness, unique accommodation experience Among The Trees Glamping has taken root. Spearheaded by marketing professional Brian Still, the leafy retreat opened to visitors this summer and offers a blend of home comforts with the thrill of camping. Set on a serene hillside canopy on the shores of MacGregor Bay, two geodomes provide an escape from the everyday hustle.

But the journey towards opening day was anything but chill. Initially slated for a spring launch, construction hurdles pushed the opening into summer. This delay would make capturing the lucrative summer crowd more of a challenge. Brian’s quest for a direct booking solution that would quickly convert social media engagement to sales led him to Booker, which he had heard about via his Destination Marketing Organization (DMO), Northeastern Ontario Tourism Organization.

He wasn’t keen on partnering with Online Travel Agencies like Airbnb, which he felt took a hefty cut of the revenue without offering much value in return. Booker, on the other hand, offers a more equitable and direct booking solution. He reached out to Tourism Technology Company, and, in two weeks, Booker was ready for Among The Trees. "The onboarding process was easy, smooth, and painless," Brian says. “The team is really responsive and patient. When you’re dealing with all the stresses of getting a new business ready for market, that support really helps.”

The results were staggering. A whopping $10,000 worth of bookings streamed in over the first week.

As the season comes to a close, the success of Among The Trees resonates through its leafy haven. Brian used his experience as a marketing professional and took advantage of his photography, video and social media skills to spread the word. That paired perfectly with content and social media support from their DMO, Northeastern Ontario Tourism Organization

A pivotal moment came when Northeastern Ontario featured a blog post of an influencer’s stay at the domes. It quickly caught fire on social media. A whole new audience discovered Among The Trees from the DMO article, and, thanks to Booker—embedded in the blog—booked their stay right from the page.

Adding extra value was Tourism Technology Company’s other gem, Tripper. Featured in the DMO’s article, Tripper laid out an interactive itinerary, helping potential guests visualize their adventure. “The Booker/Tripper combo is awesome,” Brian says.  “Tripper gives visitors an easy itinerary of all the things you usually have to Google—where to explore and eat and hike while you’re in the area, for example. And then Booker is right there, so they can book the trip with one click.”

Brian appreciates the human touch from the team at Tourism Technology Company. “It was great having real people to talk to whenever we had questions,” he says. Looking ahead, the Stills are buzzing with excitement for next summer. With Booker by their side right from the get-go, they anticipate an even busier season.

Among The Trees Glamping is more than a charming hideaway. It’s a shining example of how the right tech—Booker and Tripper—and a go-getter attitude can bring dreams to life in the tourism landscape. As the Stills celebrate a successful first season, their story is a shining example for others ready to take the plunge into the exciting new world of Tourism Tech.