First Look: Booker is Here and It's Beautiful ๐Ÿ‘€

First Look: Booker is Here and It's Beautiful ๐Ÿ‘€

Matthew Hardy Thomas

Co-Founder &ย CEO
July 11, 2023

Today has been a decade in the making. Ever since the team at Tourism Technology Co. started working in the tourism industry, we've seen destination managers face an uphill battle.

Their biggest challenge? Ensuring all their strategic marketing efforts result in actual bookings for businesses. It was clear to us that modern-day DMOs need a better tool to tackle this challenge head-on. So we built it.

Today marks the official launch of Booker โ€” the cutting-edge destination booking engine that's tailor-made for forward-thinking DMOs. We've put Booker through its paces with a handful of DMO customers, and we're thrilled to finally unveil it to the world.

Personally, this day means a lot to me. I understand the frustrations of dealing with outdated booking engines. Before co-founding this company, I ran my own seasonal tourism business called Bend Bus, which transported visitors to and from the beach. It was a blast. But booking management was a constant struggle for me. I had to adapt my business to fit clunky software that didn't even meet my customers' needs.

When I partnered with an incredible DMO to promote my tourism business on their website, I saw the limits of what their marketing technology could provide. While they were great at creating awareness by attracting people to my listing on their website, it didn't lead to any meaningful increase in sales. Customers just didn't make the leap from the DMO website to my booking system.

In the lead-up to its launch, we've been referring to Booker as a "game-changer" in the tourism industry, and I stand by that description. We genuinely believe that Booker is the key to unlocking your DMO's full potential.

In the coming weeks, we'll delve deeper into its exciting features and capabilities, but for now, I want to highlight a few ways Booker is the game-changing solution you've been waiting for.

A dynamic booking engine for all your members

Here's how Booker works for Among The Trees, one of the first businesses we launched. Our system seamlessly integrates with any website, ensuring a smooth and user-friendly process for customers. Any 'book now' button launches Booker, which gives customers an elegant booking experience that rivals anything the big tech companies could offer. Here it is on the Among The Trees website:

That's just the start. Thanks to Booker, Among The Trees also gets bookings everywhere they're mentioned on their DMO website too. Just like that, DMOs are now indispensable marketing partners for their members.

Among The Trees can now receive bookings from anywhere tourists are seeking information, whether it be on the business's website, in a blog post, or embedded in a news article.

See how Booker launches directly from a blog post promoting Among The Trees, allowing tourists to book the experience as soon as they learn about the business.

Plus, the sales and inventory of the business are automatically synced. Booker is designed as a single platform, which can work across all websites. This booking solution is what I wished for when I was running my tourism business.

During Bookerโ€™s design process, we devoted a lot of our resources to ensuring that the platform works for businesses of all sizes and types, from accommodation providers to experience offerings, and everything in between.

Iย know Booker helps tourism business owners because our first batch of customers love it, including my old business, Bend Bus!

Game: changed.

We're incredibly proud of what we've achieved with Booker, and we're confident that it will help usher in a new golden age for DMOs everywhere. Thanks to the talented team who worked tirelessly to make Booker a reality, the tourism industry will never be the same. Whether you're a seasoned destination manager or just getting started, we encourage you to book a demo to see how Booker can work for you.