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At Tourism Technology Co., we know firsthand the crucial role destination managers play in their communities. That's why we help them succeed through world-class software and support.

Our journey began over a decade ago when we started working with rural and remote destinations through our sister marketing agency, TNB. We dove deep into the tourism industry by managing marketing campaigns and collaborating with incredible destination managers. That's how we discovered that technology was failing in three critical areas: booking, planning, and stakeholder management.

We rolled up our sleeves and built software to fix these issues once and for all.

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Now, DMOs of all sizes across North America trust our technology. But we don't just provide products. We're your partner in success. Our team is made up of seasoned tourism professionals and technology experts who understand what it takes to make destination managers successful in their communities.

Our goal is straightforward: to help DMOs showcase the beauty of their destinations and achieve real, measurable results for their stakeholders.

As a tightly-knit team with a shared vision, we're committed to bringing the best technology and customer support to the world of DMOs. That's how we're making a difference, one destination at a time.

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Our Team

Matthew Thomas
CEO, Co-Founder

Matthew's expertise in empowering DMOs with technology stems from diverse industry perspectives. As a tourism business founder, he gained ground-level insights. Working as a DMO manager further honed his understanding of stakeholder needs. Now, he leads a close-knit team dedicated to delivering top-notch software and customer support for DMOs.

Olivier Creurer
Chief Product Officer, Co-Founder

Over the past decade, Olivier has built, scaled, and nurtured highly creative and technically proficient support teams in the tech industry. Prior to co-founding Tourism Technology Co., Olivier worked as a Product Designer and Support Manager at Wistia, which serves over half a million businesses. Olivier leads both our Product and Onboarding & Support Teams.

Adam Rosadiuk
Chief Technology Officer,

Adam holds a PhD and a degree in computer science, with over a decade of experience in the tourism industry. His leadership ensures that the team delivers innovative and scalable solutions that meet the changing needs of the tourism sector. As the visionary behind our technical solutions, he ensures that our customers benefit from continual software improvements and rapid technical support.

Caeli Callaghan
Customer Success Specialist

As a former support specialist for Shopify, Caeli has gained expertise in e-commerce. She has helped thousands of businesses set up their online stores as an onboarding and support specialist. Her exceptional customer service ensures that our customers receive the utmost care and attention to detail.

Melissa Picazzo
Software Developer

Melissa is a skilled software developer who recently completed a project for Chata, a startup specializing in conversational AI technology. She supports our software development team by building easy-to-use data analytics solutions and creating seamless user experiences.

Trevor Delamorandiere
Senior Software Developer

With 18 years of experience in software development, Trevor specializes in systems analysis and design, database design and development, interface coding, software testing, and optimization. He leads our team of developers, focused on delivering innovative and scalable solutions to our DMO customers

Stacy Rosadiuk
Customer Support Specialist

Stacy embodies our commitment to providing rapid and reliable customer service. With her unwavering focus on ensuring customer satisfaction, she offers on-call support to meet their needs with care and attention. Whether it's onboarding new tourism businesses or modifying bookings, Stacy is on standby to provide timely and effective solutions.

Ian Russell
Software Implementation Specialist

Ian has 10 years of destination marketing experience. He customizes our solutions for DMO customers and implements tailored solutions for tourism businesses. He provides training and support to users and stakeholders for a smooth transition to their new system.

Jessie Stones
Customer Insights Specialist

Jessie works closely with DMO customers to optimize their conversion rates and provide valuable insights to stakeholders through concise data analysis. With over ten years of experience in the field, Jessie's expertise guarantees that your DMO can turn insights into actions.

Jared Faust, CPA, CA, CBV
Chief Financial Officer

With a decade of experience in high-growth startups, Jared Faust excels in financial planning and fundraising. He secures financing, analyzes financial performance, works with executives, and makes data-driven strategic decisions for Tourism Technology Co.

Dani Mayfield
Senior React Developer

For Dani, bringing ideas to life through clean and accessible code is a deeply satisfying experience. She's a strong believer in collaboration and working with others to create products that she's proud of.

Mike Jacobs
Co-Founder, Chair of the Board

Mike is an experienced tourism marketer who has devoted the last decade to working with DMOs. He's currently the CEO at The New Business, our sister tourism marketing agency.

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